The Journey of a Healthcare Brand

Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istroti's new book, "Bir Sağlık Markasının Yolculuğu (The Journey of a Healthcare Brand)", in which she authored the brief history and creation story of the brand during the journey to bring the “LIV” to life, has taken its place on the shelves. The book tells the emergence of an institution, Liv Hospital, which ventured into the healthcare sector 10 years ago with the belief of becoming an A Plus brand in healthcare and achieving this purpose. It explains the processes of existence, what elucidates the driving forces behind a brand, what challenges it encounters during the global brand journey, strategies for building social resilience, and a comprehensive 360-degree approach to managing it all. "Bir Sağlık Markasının Yolculuğu (The Journey of a Healthcare Brand)" written by Meri Istiroti is not only a narrative but also serves as an instructional resource for healthcare professionals and students navigating the world of health management.This book is presented much like a documentary, incorporating insights from individuals intimately involved in the brand's formative journey. It recounts the journey from vision to reality, addressing the obstacles faced while striving to attain A Plus status and the moments of beauty that intertwined with the challenges.

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