In her new book, titled “Stories in the Doctor’s Bag”, Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istiroti, who owns many years of experience as a senior manager in the health sector, has written down the impressive professional memories of our doctors, who are by our sides throughout our lives.

We lend ear to the solutions and suggestions of doctors, whose doors we knock on many occasions for both ourselves, and for our relatives, and to whom we entrust our physical and mental health, which is the only condition for our survival, throughout our lives. Now, we are about to read the memories of our doctors that left marks on them throughout their professional lives.

Any and all facades of medicine

Having described her book, titled “Stories in the Doctor’s Bag”, as an attempt to mirror not a blind bit of the doctors’ experiences, Meri İstiroti further stated that, “Following our failure to overcome it after all the days, months, and years we managed to pass with courage, we have come to the conclusion that the pandemic has been a turning point in our lives. I thereupon wished to compile the good experiences of our heroes, with whom we have gone through this difficult period together, and who has been fighting for health, throughout their professional lives, and turn them into a printed memory. Working, or rather living in a health institution means collecting many life-touching memories; having both difficult moments, as well as those that make you smile; witnessing many scenarios or traumas in a large family, sometimes as a member of it, sometimes as the guardian of it. This book thereby stores the “moments” of our doctors, the times when their emotions ebb and flow, and the tears they shed, sometimes due to happiness, and sometimes due to sadness.”

The moments loved and cherished the most

Stories in the Doctor’s Bag”, the fourth book written by Meri İstiroti, features the stories ranging from the doctors’ compulsory service years, to hectic emergency rooms, from miraculous returns from difficult surgeries, to solutions found for seemingly incurable diseases. “Stories in the Doctor’s Bag”, in which the difficulties and excitements of the doctors’ profession, which they have woven with effort, knowledge, devotion and patience, and their memories, which are at times sad, but mostly happy, are compiled, is likely to become your favorite bedside book with both instructive and didactic stories of our doctors, which not only make us smile, but also feel emotional as well.

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