An Integrated Approach to Marketing of Healthcare Services 

In her third book, Compass, Meri Istiroti, one of the first managers to apply professional hospital management in Turkey, offers solutions in the field of healthcare management to healthcare managers and those who want to work in this field, while giving important information about the marketing of healthcare services based on her experiences in the sector.

Experiences and practical information are also included

In her third book, Compass, Meri Istiroti describes the importance of an integrated approach to the marketing of healthcare services. In her book, Meri İstiroti provides information on how to do marketing in healthcare, a field that most people do not have detailed knowledge of, while remaining within ethical limits. Alongside the changing factors in the healthcare sector, she puts forth the subtleties of the healthcare business, new methods and methodologies in its marketing, as well as relevant experiences and practical applications.

“What to do in Marketing has also improved”

While describing Compass as a book, which may be benefited by all stakeholders of the sector, ranging from the healthcare managers to the young people who want to make career in this field, she further stated that, “It is a book containing knowledge accumulated through long years, from which I have filtered the experiences of everyone working in the sector, and the issues I have deemed fruitful. There are various methods we use in the healthcare sector related to the marketing and communication aspects of the business. This business involves both a national, and an international phase. As the industry developed, so did the things to be done in marketing. And I would like to share all these with you in my book”.

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