Having been working as a manager in the healthcare sector since 1990, Meri Istiroti Bahar has thereby started to have a better understanding on the difficult aspects of the medical profession, and the depth of the decisions being taken each and every day regarding patient treatments.

She has realized that, the ordinary citizens sees a doctor as the member of a marvelous profession, an individual ‘who cannot be overcome’... She therefore created this book in order to convey what a difficult journey the doctors embark upon from the day they enter their profession, and move on to the times they reach professional maturity. Alongside the risky decisions they make in the treatment of many patients during their professional life, in this book, you may find real stories caused by communication accidents with patients and their relatives, as well as with their own institutions and colleagues, and memoirs of doctors woven with sometimes tragic, and sometimes tragicomic events...

The book in your hand has been compiled in order to show the other side of the coin regarding this profession, and to open the doors of the backstage that shapes the lives of doctors. She set out in 2010 in order to share her most interesting memories with some of the leading doctors of our country, so that they can share with to you situations they experienced, which are sometimes sad, sometimes risky, and sometimes funny.

While similar examples of them are experienced anywhere anytime, we now leave you alone with these stories that will sometimes make you laugh, sometimes amaze, and sometimes weep.

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